Why cell phones help society.

cell_copy1When people try to say that cellphones are killing our social lives or destroying communication.  They always like to bring up the pictures of a group of people all on their phones not really paying attention to each other.  Well what did people do before phones then? I’ll tell you they do whatever stereotypical black and white film father does: they read the news.  So whats that mean? It means that people have been staring into something to keep their mind in their own world. However when in the past the only things you saw on the page were what others think are important a phone has whats important to you. For me my friends and family are important to me so where you see an introvert I see those I hold close to me. Today people use their phones to text their friends use their social media and all in all use them to stay connected to their friends. In this way today’s society is more closely knit then it ever has been before. These bonds being built in modern society the potential to be just as strong as the bonds between family.  So are cell phones really destroying society our are they helping build it? An extreme example of how cell phones can help bring a group together is during the Arab spring movements where people used their cell phones to organize over social media in order meet and plan what to do. So if cell phones are being used to build upon our society how can people still claim it destroys it?